NGD bases tuition on the number of hours of instruction per week per term. This allows

us to efficiently and fairly charge tuition across classes of varying duration. Most NGD

classes are an hour in length, but shorter class durations help young dancers focus, and

longer durations are optimal to teach the required technique in certain styles of dance.

30 minute classes are $ 115 (+hst) per term

45 minute classes are $ 172.50  (+hst) per term

1 hour classes are  $230 (+hst) per term

Once a dancer registers in a total of more than 3 hours per week the price per hour decreases as the number of additional hours of training increases. Hours are totalled across all members of a family and across all programs offered at NGD, thereby taking advantage of the diminishing average price per hour.  

The online registration system reflects the complete price structure and correctly calculates tuition for multiple classes and multiple family members. 

Please contact the office if you have questions concerning pricing for more than 3 hours of instruction per week.